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“... just looking at all the fun creations; and seeing everyone else’s inspiring creations: you will want to start playing. Almost everywhere you look are buckets and areas of LEGO bricks to build with.”
– Amy of Grinning Cheek to Cheek (LEGO KidsFest Minneapolis, May 2011)


“Marveling at the works of master builders gets visitors in the mood for constructing their own flights of fancy. Millions of plastic bricks are available to do just that. And you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it.”
– KDKA TV (LEGO KidsFest Pittsburgh, June 2011)


“It was really astounding how many bricks there were, the huge scale and the highly interactive nature of the event – we spent 15 to 20 minutes as a family at various stations creating structures and marveling at what each other had created, or even combining our structures together. It’s rare to find an activity that will engage my 10 year old girl and my 5 year old boy, and my husband too. LEGO KidsFest was a big hit with both kids and my husband!”
– Camille, Minneapolis (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)


“A weekend event guaranteed to be a good time.”
– WTAE TV (LEGO KidsFest Pittsburgh, June 2011)


“It was big. And block-y. And build-y. I feel like I need to make up words for the whole experience, because there’s really nothing else quite like it. I mean, where else can you see a life-sized LEGO Harry Potter and Hagrid?”
– Jen at Jayesel blog (LEGO KidsFest Pittsburgh, June 2011)


“We came. We saw. We LEGO'd. I have never seen so many LEGOs in one place before. Nor have I ever seen so many kids playing in such close proximity without fighting. It was actually PEACEFUL on top of that LEGO mountain.”
– Burgh Baby blog (LEGO KidsFest Pittsburgh, June 2011)


“The event is inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers”
– Pittsburgh Tribune (LEGO KidsFest Pittsburgh, June 2011)


“I have to say it was pretty awesome.”
– Laura of Hey?! A Mom Can Dream blog (LEGO KidsFest Pittsburgh, June 2011)


“Four hours into our visit, I had to drag her away … What she really liked most about the event was being part of the spectacle — participating in the group builds; competing in contests; and learning and creating with all the other kids.”
– Sarah Lindenfeld Hall for (LEGO KidsFest Raleigh, October 2011)


“I would highly recommend this to anyone with kids. There was truly something for every age group to enjoy.”
– Jennifer at Diaper Derby Adventures (LEGO KidsFest Cleveland, November 2011)


“My boys declared it to be the “best place they’d ever been.”
– Dori at Cleveland Homeschooler (LEGO KidsFest Cleveland, November 2011)


“Last year was the first time I had ever heard of LEGO KidsFest and frankly, I did not know what to expect. Perhaps a few LEGO statues, kit setups and of course, a LEGO store. However, LEGO KidsFest turned out to be jaw-dropping experience that takes the full 4 and a half hours to get through … LEGO KidsFest is not a display of all the current LEGO themes and kits available — far from it! In fact, you will probably never find yourself saying “oh that is from the LEGO Space Police or Star Wars collections because it is all one big imagination mashing. LEGO KidsFest is an example of the creativity, engineering and imagination that can be cultivated and explored through LEGO.
– Dawn at Albany Kid (LEGO KidsFest Hartford, December 2011)


“My kids had an absolute blast and it's really rekindled their love of everything LEGO … We can't wait for the next LEGO KidsFest to roll into town”
– RoseMamie at In a Galaxy… (LEGO KidsFest Cincinnati, March 2012)


“Usually when I got to "kid" festivals, the parents are checking the time and milling around and the kids are having fun. At LEGO KidsFest, EVERYONE was having fun.”
– Stephanie @ Louisville Family Fun (LEGO KidsFest Cincinnati, March 2012)






“Many of the toys that have cycled through our house have broken, been worn out and set aside, or lost their toy store zing. But never the LEGOs. When we go to an event like the LEGO Kidsfest, the passion is reunited … Each station drew them in. They got lost in the possibilities … They saw new ideas and took mental notes that they’ll use for weeks and months to come … It’s a show your own builders, young and old, will not soon forget.”
– Judy at GeekMom (LEGO KidsFest Denver, April 2012)


“I must tell you what a fantastic experience LEGO KidsFest in Austin was for myself and my son. My compliments on a superb job all the way around. I have attended many similar events for children and coordinate adult learning trainings (also similar to children) so I can say with experience that ya'll really pulled it off and then some! … My son had a wonderful time and we will not hesitate to return in the future. Please forward our "Thanks" for such a wonderful event to all those that were involved.”
– MLBallFan (LEGO KidsFest Austin, August 2012)


“You, and your building child, will experience so much more than a cruise through the company store.”
– Judy at GeekMom (LEGO KidsFest Denver, April 2012)


“We live in St. Catharines, Ontario and used the opportunity to come to Cleveland to visit the city and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on the day prior to our attendance at the I-X Center. It might never have occurred to us to drive almost four hours without knowing about your event first. I want to thank LEGO KidsFest as being the catalyst and integral part of a weekend that rates highly within our "Top-Ten Family Weekends" list.”
– Pamela B. (LEGO KidsFest Cleveland, November 2011)


“I was blown away by LEGO KidsFest, as was my son. There was more than plenty to do, but not too much. Every part of LEGO was well represented in activities and things to see … I cannot say enough about KidsFest and how much I, and my son, had a blast together.”
– Bryan (LEGO KidsFest Cincinnati, March 2012)


“This past weekend I was the most well hugged mom in the world! My son randomly came up to me and gave me a HUGE hug because he was so happy he was able to attend the LEGO KidsFest in Denver."
– Terre Neesham of Saving Your Green (LEGO KidsFest Denver, April 2012)


“In my son’s words: “This is a festival just for me!”
– Kara Williams of The Vacation Gals (LEGO KidsFest Denver, April 2012)


“Once inside the doors, the kids' eyes bugged out a bit from their heads as they looked this way and that way at all of the LEGO sights.”
– Xenia of Thanks, Mail Carrier (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)


“Wow, what an experience. With 3 acres of activities, you never once heard “I'm bored”… Attending LEGO KidsFest was definitely an experience my kids are not going to forget.”
– Pam at Coupon Savings with a Pinch (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)


“LEGO KidsFest was awesome!!!! That is really the best way to describe it. The boys really enjoyed every minute and really thought we were going to have to set up a cot for them in a back room somewhere. I honestly have never seen so many LEGO's in my life! … If this event is coming to your area it will be money well spent.”
– Amanda, mom and blogger at Left Handed Ideas (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)




“Just wanted to say thanks and WOW! There was so much for the kids to do, and the activities were nicely spread out throughout the hall. The only hard part was getting out kids to stop building and move on to the next area ... they could have built all night long!”
– Sue (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)


“I wanted to write to you to let you know that we had a great time at this past weekend’s LEGO KIDSFEST event in Cleveland. Our son is 13 and he is quite the LEGO fan. He had a great time and so did we! My son really enjoyed meeting the master builders.”
(LEGO KidsFest Cleveland, November 2011)


“We went from station to station and had some nice, quality time together playing with [LEGO bricks] of all sorts and building all sorts of contraptions.”
– Jamie of Running Diva Mom (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)


“If you are in an area that LEGO KidsFest is coming to, I think you would have a great time with your little builders and should check it out!”
– Courtney of Simple Life Blog (LEGO KidsFest Milwaukee, June 2012)



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